[>talkinterior] China Airlines “Next Generation Plan” Part II: The New Boeing 777-300ER Entertainment Systems & Wi-Fi

In December 2014, >talkairlines had the opportunity to experience the new 777-300ER Premium Business Class! Click HERE for the trip report, including real life pictures and review of the new IFE systems and in-flight Wi-Fi!

For other information regarding the new China Airlines Boeing 777-300ER, please refer to China Airlines Boeing 777-300ER News Collection.

BY Kai-Chin Shih/ 30 APRIL 2014/ TOKYOJAPAN/ talkairlines.wordpress.com

After last month’s press release on the cabin designs of its new Boeing 777-300ER, China Airlines has released more information on its “Next Generation Plan”. This time, it’s about the entertainment system and Wi-Fi service.

中華航空 波音777-300ER

China Airlines 777-300ER 中華航空 波音777-300ER

China Airline’s new Boeing 777-300ERs, scheduled for deliveries starting September, will have personal touch-screens (PTV) for every single seat. (Business Class will feature 18-inch PTVs) The PTVs will be using the Panasonic eX3 inflight entertainment system, among the most advanced in the industry. Not only does it offer movies, music, and games, the new entertainment system will also feature a series of new functions including “Seat Chat”, e-magazines, instant news, and duty free shopping. Besides the advanced in-flight entertainment system, China Airline’s 777 will also offer Wi-Fi service throughout the aircraft.

Different Versions of the China Airlines 77W IFE Welcome Page

Different Versions of the China Airlines 777-300ER Entertainment System Welcome Page

Passengers will find the new multi-touch touch-screens familiar since they are rather similar to today’s smartphones and tablets. With the touch-screens, passengers can easily use the eX3 system to pick their choices from 101 movies and 20 games along with hundreds of selected CDs. The system will allow passengers to add movies/ music to their personal “My Favourites” playlist in case they want to resume watching/ listening after mealtime or resting. With the new system, passengers can also read e-magazines, order duty free items, read the latest news, and see what meals are to be served on the plane that day. The most interesting feature of the system is the ‘Seat Chat’ function. With ‘Seat Chat’, passengers can easily send messages to their friends on the same flight. The sharing option can even allow passengers to recommend movies/ music/ games to their friends.

China Airlines 777-300ER Business Class

China Airlines 777-300ER Business Class

Besides the new entertainment system, the China Airlines 777-300ER will also offer in-flight Wi-Fi. When the plane is cruising above 10,000 feet, there will be Wi-Fi service for passengers to surf the web. Basic Wi-Fi service will include access to the China Airlines website along with weather and flight information. If passengers want to have access to other websites, there are 1hr, 3hr, and 24hr plans to choose from with charges starting from 300 NTD (Approx 10 USD/ 1000 JPY).

(Interesting fact: China Airlines was actually one of the first airlines in the world to have in-flight Wi-Fi. The airline signed a contract with Connexion by Boeing and offered Wi-Fi until 2006 when Connexion went defunct.)

China Airlines will be holding promotions including free Wi-Fi experience for ticketed passengers. For more information, go on www.china-airlines.com.




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