[>talkbranding] China Eastern New Livery 777-300ER Simulated By Boeing

UPDATE 10 SEPTEMBER 2014: China Eastern has confirmed that the livery on B-2001, the first Boeing 777-300ER for China Eastern, is in fact the finalised version of the new company livery. 

Thanks to Royalscottking for the shot!

UPDATE 18 MAY 2014: Information from Chinese aviation forums shows that Boeing leaked the yet-to-be-finalized livery without the consent of MU officials, who are still debating over the final livery. The version released by Boeing is apparently not one of the debated proposals since the source stated the new livery “should have something other than the logo“. At this point, Boeing has removed its simulation. No statement has been released by MU regarding the leak and the new livery. 

BY Kai-Chin Shih/ 17 MAY 2014/ TOKYOJAPAN/ talkairlines.wordpress.com

If you’ve been surfing the Boeing New Airplane webpage lately, you may have found out the new China Eastern 777-300ER (first delivery later this year) being simulated. More than that, the plane is wearing a livery that has never been publicized before: An all-white livery with only the logos being painted onto the plane along with gray engine covers.

China Eastern New Livery Boeing 777-300ER

China Eastern New Livery Boeing 777-300ER

There is no official press release by the company regarding the new logo and livery. However, a while ago, a related photo was posted onto a Chinese aviation forum. In the photo, 4 different logo proposals along with 4 different livery proposals. Apparently, the first logo from the bottom has been chosen by China Eastern Airlines since it is the one being applied onto the Boeing-simulated plane. (Red Chinese company name, blue English company name, and rounded fonts). However, none of the proposed liveries have been chosen. (The one simulated by Boeing doesn’t have anything except for the company name.) The one closest to the Boeing version is the top livery, in which the position & size of the company name & logo are the same as that of Boeing’s version.

China Eastern New Livery Proposals

China Eastern New Livery Proposals

Despite speculations that MU is simply holding on to releasing the final livery, there are data on the internet stating that MU officials have talked about having a new livery that is mostly white with the logos being the only parts of the fuselage having colors. If that is true, >talkairlines is extremely disappointed. Despite the fact that the current China Eastern livery is not quite visually appealing and is also rather out-of-date, it is still extremely colorful and distinguishable. Now, with the new livery, the airline will be the newest Far Eastern member of the infamous Euro-white club, in which fellow Skyteam member Air France is a proud member. >talkairlines sincerely hopes that the wavy lines will eventually be applied to make the livery less boring.

China Eastern 777-300ER Current Livery

China Eastern 777-300ER Current Livery

EXTRA: China Eastern Boeing 777-300ER Promotional Video


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