[>talkbranding] GOL & Os Gêmeos Introduce Most Interesting Special Livery In Aviation History

BY Kai-Chin Shih/ 27 MAY 2014/ TOKYOJAPAN/ talkairlines.wordpress.com

>talkairlines is more than excited to share with you the most special livery in the history of civil aviation. Brazilian low-cost carrier GOL, the official carrier of the Brazilian Team during the 2014 FIFA World Cup, has collaborated with famous Brazilian twin graffiti artists, Os Gêmeos (Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo), to come up with a special livery on a Boeing 737 (PR-GUO )that will be carrying the Brazilian Team. Thanks to Junior Lake / UOL‘s exclusive report on the topic, >talkairlines is able to show you a few photos of the unique jet. FOR MORE PHOTOS, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

GOL 737 FIFA 2014 Brazilian Team Jet

GOL 737 FIFA 2014 Brazilian Team Jet PR-GUO (COPYRIGHT: Junior Lake / UOL)

Os Gêmeos (The Twins) are among the most influential Brazilian artists. The brothers started painting graffiti in 1987 and now have artworks all over the world. Their works, influenced by Brazilian culture and hip-hop style, often feature yellow-skinned characters. For the World Cup special livery, the brothers decided to paint a plane filled with faces. They believe that viewers with the dream of walking on the clouds can relate to the faces since faces-on-planes is the only way to achieve the dream.

Os Gêmeos With The 737

Os Gêmeos With The 737 PR-GUO (COPYRIGHT: Junior Lake / UOL)

The project was done in a week using 1200 cans of spray paint. The engineers of the GOL hangar, pleased with the results, admitted that at first they were puzzled of what the brothers were doing and didn’t know what was going to happen. Not only did the brothers intend to design a plane that will be transporting the Brazilian team, they also wanted to break the boring routine at airports and to give travelers a surprise.

GOL World Cup 737 Top View

GOL 737 FIFA 2014 Brazilian Team Jet PR-GUO Top View (COPYRIGHT: Junior Lake / UOL)

>talkairlines thinks that this livery is the most interesting livery that has ever been introduced in the airline business. The artists really thought out of the box and did something revolutionary. Rarely has anyone turned planes into gigantic canvases. The only plane that can be compared to this one is probably the Continental New York 2000 Olympics Jet designed by Peter Max. However,  the GOL World Cup jet represents an unprecedented level of creativity and artistic values among all the special liveries. Even though the livery may be a little “busy”,the delicacy it has is still laudable and worthy of every attention from people around the world. Os Gêmeos have definitely raised the bar of exterior designs and showed people how special liveries is not just about some sticker being pasted onto the fuselage or simple color areas being painted onto the plane.

GOL World Cup 737 Details

GOL World Cup 737 PR-GUO Details (COPYRIGHT: Junior Lake / UOL)

A yellow-skinned person on the engine cover along with colored wheels!

A yellow-skinned person on the engine cover along with colored wheels! PR-GUO (COPYRIGHT: Junior Lake / UOL)


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