[>talkbranding] Embraer Designs Special “Koinobori” Livery For Fuji Dream Airlines To Celebrate FDA’s Fifth Anniversary

By Kai-Chin Shih/ 17 JUL 2014/ ANNARBORMICHIGAN/ talkairlines.wordpress.com

Brazilian airplane manufacturer Embraer has designed a special color scheme as a gift for Fuji Dream Airlines (FDA/フジ ドリーム エアラインズ) to celebrate the Japanese carrier’s fifth anniversary. The special livery was unveiled at the Farnborough Air Show when FDA and Embraer finalised an order for 3 ERJ-175s along with another 3 options. Titled “Koinobori/鯉のぼり”, the special livery features an extremely colourful Japanese-style carp wind-sock.

フジドリームエアラインズ 鯉のぼり

In Japan, Koinobori is traditionally flown on Children’s Day. Koi, or carp, is a kind of fish that, unlike most fishes, swims upstream. Japanese fly Koinoboris in hopes that the children can, just like Koi, overcome all obstacles to achieve their goals.

Currently, there is no information on FDA planning to apply the “birthday-gift-design” onto one of its E-Jets. Regardless, >talkairlines loves the design and is sincerely hoping for it to one day be painted onto an actual plane. >talkairlines thinks that the livery, with its vivid colours and bold lines, is simplistic yet eye-catching. The designer succeeded in depicting the Koinobori in a lively manner while maintaining the plane’s gracefulness. This design fits into the same category as the those of the two Whale Shark Jets of Japan Transocean Air (JTA). All these designs attempted to transform the plane into a completely different object, and the results were all simply fascinating.

JTA Special

沖縄美ら海水族館×JTAコラボ ジンベエジェット 737-400 JA8992 JA8939


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