China Airlines Unveils ‘Cloud Gate Dance Theatre’ Special Livery: Fourth Plane of the Taiwanese Culture & Creativity Series

Yet another special livery for China Airlines! The flag carrier and 201110081318050089-invertedfamous Taiwanese modern dance group, “Cloud Gate Dance Theatre (雲門舞集)“, unveiled a few days ago a collaborative livery on an Airbus A330-300 (B-18361). The plane, now titled “Cloud Gate Special Livery Jet (雲門彩繪機)”, is the fourth plane of the China Airlines “Taiwanese Culture and Creativity Series“. It will be operating long-haul flights from Taipei to Honolulu (via Tokyo), Sydney, Brisbane, Auckland, Delhi, Rome along with some regional destinations.

Dancer Tsai Ming-Yuan Performing At The Unveiling Ceremony
Dancer Ming-Yuan Tsai (蔡銘元) Performing In Front Of His Image

The images on the aircraft were handpicked by Cloud Gate Dance Theatre founder Hwai-Min Lin (林懷民) from photos of more than 160 different performances. The selected images feature dancers performing “The Cursive Trilogy”, a piece inspired by the beauty of Chinese calligraphy. Together, the photos resemble a scene of “flying in a calming world of black and white”.

CG 2
Dancer Yi-Ping Su (蘇依屏-second from left) in front of her image. (From the left: China Airlines CEO Hung-Hsiang Sun (孫洪祥), Su, Taiwan First Lady Christine Chow Ma (周美清) and Cloud Gate Dance Theatre Founder Huai-Min Lin (林懷民))

There are two dancers featured on the left side of the plane. On the front is dancer Yi-Ping Su (蘇依屏) kneeling while quietly gazing at the ground, like a bird looking down from above; on the rear is dancer Ming-Yuan Tsai (蔡銘元) springing forwards, ready to take to the skies.

CG 6
China Airlines flight attendants standing in front of the image of dancer Li-Hsiang Wang (王立翔)

Three other dancers are featured on the right side of the plane. On the front is a huge figure of dancer Li-Hsiang Wang (王立翔) leaping upwards; on the rear are dancers Chia-Liang Lin (林佳良) and Wei-Ya Huang (黃媺雅) fusing into the cloud-like calligraphic strokes.

CG 7
China Airlines flight attendants standing in front of the image of dancers Chia-Liang Lin (林佳良) and Wei-Ya Huang (黃媺雅)

The special livery is a work of art, put together by a group of Taiwanese artists and cultural workers from various fields. The dancers can be seen wearing elegant gauze clothing designed by costume designer Ching-Ru Lin (林璟如) while dancing in mystic calligraphic strokes drawn by designer Jhen-Siang Wang (王奕盛). Photographer Cheng-Tsiang Liu (劉振祥) captured the beautiful dance moves of the dancers while renowned calligrapher Yang-Tze Tong (董陽孜) wrote the overpowering logo for the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre.

The interior of the Cloud Gate Special Livery Jet will also give flyers an extraordinary experience. Paintings of the Cloud Gate Dancers will be hung on the walls of the cabin while videos of dance group’s performances will be played during in-flight. Furthermore, the seat covers will be decorated with calligraphic strokes, making the cabin an artistic sanctuary.

Dancers from Cloud Gate Dance Theatre standing in front of the special livery plane
Dancers from Cloud Gate Dance Theatre standing in front of the special livery plane

The plane used for this project is the newly delivered B-18361, handed over to China Airlines in late-June 2014. Configured with only 30 Business Class seats and 277 Economy Class seats, B-18361 is one of the long-haul A330s of the carrier and will be promoting Taiwanese culture & arts across Asia, Europe, and Oceania.

Great job China Airlines on designing yet another spectacular livery! >talkairlines is blown away by the gracefulness and elegance of this scheme. For our readers, >talkairlines strongly suggests a simple Google search of the aircraft as it is breathtakingly beautiful. With more airplanes promoting Taiwanese culture and artworks, China Airlines can draw more travelers to explore the beautiful and hospitable island of Taiwan.

Attendees of the Unveiling Ceremony
Attendees at the Unveiling Ceremony

EXTRA: Introduction of the Livery (Chinese)

The Unveiling Ceremony: Dance Performance By Ming-Yuan Tsai (蔡銘元)

An Introduction to The Taiwanese Culture and Creativity Special Livery Series(台灣文創系列彩繪機) by CHINA AIRLINES

The “Taiwanese Culture and Creativity Series” is a series of special livery planes designated to promote Taiwanese tourism and to raise awareness of Taiwanese arts and culture. China Airlines is planning on including up to 20 planes in the series and has already finished decorating 4. All of the special liveries have different designs on the left and right sides.

☆”LOVE & HUG” Special Livery – BOEING 747-400 B-18203 (2013-2015)

Featured the artworks by popular Taiwanese illustrator Jimmy Liao (幾米).


☆”WELCOME TO TAIWAN” Special Livery – Airbus A330-300 B-18355

A collaboration between China Airlines and the Tourism Bureau of Taiwan


☆”MASALU! TAIWAN” Special Livery – Airbus A330-300 B-18358

Features Formosan (Taiwanese) aboriginal artworks by Paiwan artist Sakuliu Pavavalung.


“CLOUD GATE” Special Livery – Airbus A330-300 B-18361

Features images of 5 dancers from the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 10.47.21 PM


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