EVA Air Unveils New Teague-Designed Livery: Latest Member of the Wavy Cheatline Club

EVA Air New Livery Boeing 777-300ER B-16725
EVA Air New Livery Boeing 777-300ER B-16725

Last week, an image by Woody’s Aeroimages surfaced on the internet leaking what was supposedly the latest livery design of Taiwanese carrier EVA Air. The rumours were quelled today as B-16725, a Boeing 777-300ER and the first aircraft to wear the new EVA Air livery, rolled out from the paint shop in Portland and flew back to Everett. The livery was designed by Seattle-based design firm TEAGUE, which also specialises in cabin product designs, including that for EVA Air, Air Canada, and Aeromexico. As we can see from the design, TEAGUE sought to refresh the EVA Air brand image by adding aerodynamic touches to the existing livery and introducing white mica paint to replace the conventional white paint. The firm also deleted the orange line from the tail, thus making the compass the focal point of the brand. Introduced along with the new livery is the new logo, which differs from the previous one as it no longer has the orange line.

EVA Air Boeing 777-300ER photographed on October 31, 2015 from Clay Lacy Astrovision Learjet.
EVA Air Boeing 777-300ER photographed on October 31, 2015 from Clay Lacy Astrovision Learjet.

With this livery, EVA Air has become the latest member of the aerodynamic rebranding club. Various global carriers, including United Airlines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, and Vietnam Airlines, followed the trend of introducing small livery revisions by making the linear cheat-lines wavy. This approach has been a conservative yet effective tactic for airlines wishing to refresh their branding. Airlines can avoid the potential criticisms that come with revolutionary new livery designs while spreading the news that the company has entered a new era.

KLM New Livery Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
KLM New Livery Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

The new EVA Air livery is made dynamic and smart-looking by the orange curve, which extends from the nose to the tail. While the dominating scheme is green of different shades, the colour orange succeeds in providing boldness and making the jet eye-catching. The white mica paint also distinguishes the elite status of the carrier. However, the dark green chosen for the belly is a bit of a disappointment. The previous EVA Air livery looked dull due to the dark green colour on its belly. Not only did the new livery not remove the green on the belly, it used an even darker shade. How the tail is connected with the fuselage with green colours makes the tail look rather heavy as well. Furthermore, the company chose to stick with its existing logo, which is too rigid for the new design. What EVA Air should’ve done was to follow Vietnam Airlines in choosing a softer font to complement the aerodynamic livery.

Vietnam Airlines new livery design on the Airbus A350-900XWB
Vietnam Airlines new livery design on the Airbus A350-900XWB

Nevertheless, we are still glad to see TEAGUE keep the defining and iconic green colour scheme of EVA Air. While the overall global awareness for EVA Air isn’t particularly strong, the colour green is significant to the corporate branding. As mentioned in various previous posts, EVA Air is aggressively trying to expand its brand popularity globally. The airline started by cooperating with Sanrio to come up with the extremely popular Hello Kitty liveries, which caught global attention and were widely covered by the press. Later, the introduction of the lie-flat Royal Laurel Class product and the “Amazingly Great” interior re-design (also by TEAGUE) both enhanced the attractiveness of the company’s offerings while providing a boost to the quickly expanding trans-Pacific presence of the carrier. The elimination of the Chinese company name on the fuselage also showcased the company’s willingness to internationalise its brand.

Besides the new livery, EVA Air has also introduced three new boarding music, “Love is the Answer”, “Horizon”, and ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful”, and a new landing music, which is a compilation of famous Taiwanese folk songs, including “Rainy Night Flower”, “Craving for the Spring Wind”, “Valley of Peach Blossoms”, “Lonely Love Flower”, “White Peony”, and “Tea Harvesting Song”. Composed by award-winning composer Ricky Ho (何國杰), the ocarina pieces will be played at different volumes in different parts of the cabin to create a more calming and relaxing cabin ambiance. In the next few years, EVA Air will debut its new crew uniforms and a series of global advertisements (rumoured to be featuring Hollywood superstar George Clooney). Fleet-wise, EVA Air has placed orders for 24 Boeing 787 Dreamliners (including 20 787-10 and 4 787-9) and is planning on ordering the Airbus A321neo and Boeing 777-9, which the airline takes part in the designing. The airline is expected to operate over 100 jets by 2020 (even more if Chinese passengers are allowed to transit via Taiwan) and utilise the planes to launch new destinations, including Chicago, Washington D.C. (Dulles), Milan, Barcelona, Istanbul, Cebu, Delhi, and more Chinese cities. EVA Air is stepping the game up, being closer than ever to completing its rebrand and emerging as a global player.


One thought on “EVA Air Unveils New Teague-Designed Livery: Latest Member of the Wavy Cheatline Club

  1. It looks nice enough, but I wish the orange cheat line could have been more effectively integrated with the tail. Looks like it cuts off the tail and the different shade of green on the tail feels disjointed from the darker belly color.


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