[>talkairlines] Vote to Decide the Juneyao Airlines Boeing 787-9 Livery

By Kai-Chin Shih >talkairlines | 10 MAY 2017 | SANDIEGOCALIFORNIA

Earlier this year, Juneyao Airlines kicked off a livery-design contest for its upcoming Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners. Over the course of one month, a total of 503 designs from 109 designers were submitted. The diverse range of participants even included middle and primary schoolers. On May 10, the Chinese airline announced 12 finalists and is now turning to the public to help select a livery that will decorate the new Juneyao Airlines long-haul fleet. A voting has kicked off on WeChat and will continue until May 15.


Juneyao Airlines placed an order for 5 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners back in February this year. The order was announced a few months after Juneyao Airlines sealed an agreement with Star Alliance to become a Star Alliance Connecting Partner. These moves signal the ambitions of Juneyao Airlines to become a global player. The ongoing livery design contest is the latest move by the airline to grab worldwide attention as it expands its business. On its official webpage, Juneyao Airlines stated how it is seeking a livery that is boldly Chinese, minimalistic, modern, and trendy. The finalists are selected based on four major criteria:

  1. Does the livery incorporate Chinese elements in a smart and creative manner?
  2. Does the livery showcase the warm and fashionable brand values of Juneyao Airlines?
  3. Is the design practical/applicable? Is the design clean and does it present a clear message?
  4. (Bonus) Can the design go viral?

The following are the 12 designs that impressed the judges:


Design 1 consists of a blue phoenix that stretches from the front of the aircraft to the tail. The logo is placed at the very front of the plane while clouds are drawn on the belly and engine nacelle.


Design 2 is a fusion of Chinese Culture and Western Cubism. Many symbols of Chinese culture are incorporated, including the dragon, terracotta army, and panda.


Design 3 showcases the vibrant festivals in China. The designer decorated the aircraft with lion dancers, dragon boats, firecrackers, rice dumplings, and koi fish.


Design 4 is inspired by the blue-and-white porcelain. The blue tail creates a stark contrast with the existing red-tailed Juneyao aircraft.


Design 5 depicts the mountains of China with vibrant colors and lively patterns.


Design 6 is dominated by patterns of waves on the lower half of the plane. The Chinese kite at the front and traditional patterns on the tail add to the motional design.


Design 7 uses a single cloud-like pattern design throughout the fuselage.


Design 8 takes inspiration from calligraphic bamboo paintings.


Design 9 has a floral look that is created through overlaying orchid and peony peddles. The flowers are decorated with a yellow-red gradient that smoothly matches the existing tail design.


Design 10 attempts to bring out the aerodynamic beauty of the Dreamliner with a flowing red ribbon. The gradient combines the two colors that define the Juneyao brand.


Design 11 boldly places a Chinese pattern at the back of the aircraft.


Design 12 pays homage to the signature Dreamliner curve while adding a golden phoenix to the front of the aircraft.

Voting for the Juneyao Airlines Boeing 787-9 livery design will continue until May 15. Cast your votes through the Juneyao Airlines WeChat post  http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/7i56f0fRy5-wJOGHXUOlIw now! Remember to access the post through the WeChat app as voting is limited to mobile users.


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