Welcome to >talkairlines!

I am Kai-Chin Shih, the founder of this blog. I am an aviation geek currently freelancing for AirlineTrends.com and CAPA Centre for Aviation.

Born to an expat family, I have been exposed to aviation ever since I was a toddler. Moving and traveling around the world, I have always looked forward to the flying part the most. To me, it is fascinating how airlines use cabin designs to tell stories about their country, history, and brand.

Besides enjoying flying, I also have great interests in reading publications on the airline business and other related topics. All these experiences allowed me to gradually develop my own opinions and viewpoints. In 2014, I decided to start an aviation blog of my own, thus led to the creation of this site.

>talkairlines focuses on interesting innovations in airline branding, cabin designs, and technological applications. Since 2015, >talkairlines has been focusing more on the Greater China region. Per my observation, new aviation-related developments from the region have often been under-exposed in other parts of the world.

I sincerely hope you enjoy reading my posts. Please do not hesitate to post your comments or click on “contact” on the upper right corner of this page to reach me!


Kai-Chin has been quoted by


Rynek Lotniczy

Runway Girl Network

South China Morning Post


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