For political reasons, the Taiwanese have never been able to have an airline that bears the name “Taiwan”. As a Taiwanese, I decided to explore the concept of branding for an imaginary carrier, “AirTaiwan”, to rectify this situation and bring the essence of Taiwan to the world. In this portfolio, I decided to focus on the visual identity, in-flight utilities, and marketing, to craft a perfect experience for the passengers.

AirTaiwan Logo

AirTaiwan and frequent flyer club FormosaClub Logos

My branding started with designing the logo, which features a farm boy riding on a water buffalo under a banana tree. It was inspired by the agricultural innocence of Taiwan and the famous Taiwanese relief “Water Buffalos” (Tushui Huang). Utilizing the logo and a limited palette, I designed the frequent flyer card, boarding pass, luggage tag, menu, meal box, and livery, using a 3D program and personal photos. I explored the use of shape, contrast, pattern, and unity. I also altered the color combinations to distinguish the privileged status of the high-end customers.

Livery Design

Livery Design (Airbus A350-900XWB / Trimble SketchUp)

FormosaClub Frequent Flyer Club Design

FormosaClub Frequent Flyer Club Design

Mascot Close-up

Mascot Close-up

Mascot Repetition

Mascot Design

Boarding Pass and Luggage Tag Design

Boarding Pass and Luggage Tag Design

Menu Designs

Menu Designs

Meal Box Design

Meal Box Design

The uniform design is based on a red-black color scheme, authentic of Taiwanese aboriginals, and includes stripes of aboriginal patterns. The livery representing the Han race of Taiwan and the uniform representing the aboriginals create a perfect image for the island to present to the world.

Uniform Design

Uniform Design

To further showcase the beauty of Taiwan, I decided to utilize the seatback screens for photos that present the colors of Taiwan.

PTV screens

PTV Welcome Page Design (Seat rendering by

I also designed the in-flight magazine, using my original photos.

"Masalu" In-Flight Magazine Cover Design

“Masalu” In-Flight Magazine Cover Design

Keeping in mind the importance of audience, context, and purpose, I designed the advertising overlaying the modern and natural aspects of the capital Taipei to attract flyers to explore the diversity of the island with AirTaiwan.

Etihad-style "Reimagined" graphic advertisement design

Etihad-style “Reimagined” graphic advertisement design


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